A sex move whereby a man is having sex with a woman lying on her back while holding her legs in the air and pumping back and forth as if on a elliptical machine in the gym.
Dude, I skipped the gym and just rocked the elliptical with my bitch instead.
by Jessica Pelliptical February 11, 2009
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A sex position in which the woman's back faces the mans chest, she stands on his feet, and while he is inside her he runs. Not only are they both exercising they are fucking.
Last night me and your mom tried the elliptical for 2K
by iswearimnotcrazy January 25, 2011
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The verb (in the past tense) that describes the action of using an elliptical machine. This is more convenient and quicker than saying "I used the elliptical machine".
Milton: How was your workout?

Joe: It was radical! I ellipticated for 30 minutes.
by Word Doctor March 4, 2009
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Person who watches television while working out at home on an elliptical trainer, on the base of a rating system in which tv shows get labeled as "worth watching from the couch" or "can totally be seen during exercise".

The tv shows belonging to this last category are watched just to keep track of the story while waiting for the occasional good episode that justifies remaining attached to a series that outrunned it's original concept, or for that one-per-episode cool computer graphic effect. They can be followed just fine by listening and looking at the screen every 5 seconds or so. In the case of movies, they usually are cheap B movies often downloaded from the internet or rented by mistake.

The key concept of this activity is multitasking, originating from the fact that:
a) one has not enough couch-time to watch tv from sitting positions
b) one lacks the determination to stay put and watch a now boring show just to see how it ends
c) one wants something to distract him from the pains of fat-burning.

See also: treadmill potato, stationary bike potato.
Tim: John, long time no see! Did you lose weight?

John: I really needed to free some space on my TiVo, so i elliptical potato'ed my way through the last season of Prison break and Heroes.
Michael: Well, time to go, i need to burn some fat.
Ryan: The office is on tonight, are you gonna watch it while you exercise?
Michael: Hey, i might be an elliptical potato, but The office will *always* get some couch time from me.
by keichix November 1, 2009
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The Elliptical Trigonometry is an original study introduced by Claude Ziad Bayeh in 2004 and it is published by WSEAS Journal transaction on Mathematics. It is the general case of the traditional trigonometry. The concept of the Elliptical Trigonometry is completely different from the traditional trigonometry in which the study of angles is not the relation between sides of a right triangle that describes a circle as the previous one, but the idea here is to use the relation between angles and sides of an ellipse form with the internal and external circles formed by the intersection of the ellipse form and the positive parts of x’ox and y’oy axis in the Euclidian 2D space and their projections. This new concept of relations opened a huge gate in the mathematical domain and it can resolve many complicated problems that are difficult or almost impossible to solve with the traditional trigonometry. The main advantage of this new trigonometry is that it can describe a huge number of multi form periodic signals by varying 2 parameters which are not possible with the traditional trigonometry. It has huge applications such as Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Power Electronics, Signal Processing and all topics related to the trigonometry.
The Elliptical Trigonometry contains 32 principle functions, the main important functions are Ejes (Elliptic Jes) which is the general case of cosine (traditional trigonometry) and Emar (Elliptic Mar) which is the general case of sine (traditional trigonometry).

Important signals obtained using the function "Ejes":

Impulse train with positive and negative part, elliptic deflated, quasi-triangular, sinusoidal, elliptical swollen, square signal, rectangular signal, impulse train (positive part only), rectified elliptic deflated, saw signal, rectified elliptical swollen, continuous signal…
by Elliptical trigonometry. August 13, 2013
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The outward appearance of exercise by someone using a certain piece of gym equipment while, in reality, that person has failed to achieve more than a resting heart rate because of a preoccupation with talking on the telephone, sending text messages, or reading.
Mary's hour-long workout on that machine in the gym was just an elliptical illusion; she talked on the phone the whole time and didn't break a sweat.
by Time Enough At Last November 29, 2010
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The most badass way to orbit because it is the way all planets orbit!!!!
What is the planets elliptical orbit?
by DA best at definitioning October 30, 2018
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