Look at that girl who acts like she is friends with everybody, she's hella Duffy.

That girl that flirts with everyone is a Duffy.

"hey man I got you a ticket to the superbowl" "no way you're Duffy."
by Kawruhhh November 12, 2014
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A word used to describe a person or action that is DUFF related. It is often used in cases of extreme gluttony, cock blocking, being a fat bitch, being an ugly bitch, and/or being a fat and ugly bitch. NOTE: One does not necessarily have to be a DUFF for this word to apply to them.
"Miranda, you cockblocked Mark from getting to that hot chick over there? That was a pretty DUFFy move."
by hawker240 October 13, 2006
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to duffy someone is to move 100 miles away from them and to also make up lies about them
hes only duffyed us!
i'll duffy you if you dont come out!
by daninthevan February 03, 2009
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Duffy or ‘Duffball’ as he is better known (apparently it’s because he has only one testicle) is the class joker. He is a complete legend and tells all the best jokes, although most of them are pretty bad. His most commonly used words are wasteman, big-man and Dracula. His most common catchphrase is ‘Glyn is a G’.
Oi, Duffy stop giving me bare jest, your making me skeet in my pants!
by big-man July 06, 2006
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Designated ugly fat friend. When a group of girls go out and they take a fat friend with them so they look better.
me and the guys went out last weekend and Ben ended up with the duffy
by mischa January 15, 2005
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Accidentally e-mailing, text messaging, instant messaging, BlackBerry Messaging, Facebook messaging/wall-posting, etc. to an unintended recipient.
Ryan sent an inappropriate email to fellow coworkers, but accidentally CC'd his boss. He pulled a Duffy.

Bro, I was hammered and Duffied my mom last night by sending her a booty-text. FML!
by unclsamiam May 14, 2010
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