n. Somewhat dim person who doesn't know the location of his home or office or have the ability to understand simple rules.
You are such a duffy. I told you twice already. You work at the big grey building overlooking the Ottawa river.
by gnostic3 September 23, 2015
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Designated ugly fat friend. When a group of girls go out and they take a fat friend with them so they look better.
me and the guys went out last weekend and Ben ended up with the duffy
by mischa January 15, 2005
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noun : Slack vagina, often excretes solid, stinky waste. Often is seen drinking copious amounts of alcohol, then lying about it. A rare species.

One case of this breed of Duffy is known by many in a small area of northern England (Radcliffe). Treat with caution.
by Eflor Mailliw Evad December 10, 2006
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Duffy or ‘Duffball’ as he is better known (apparently it’s because he has only one testicle) is the class joker. He is a complete legend and tells all the best jokes, although most of them are pretty bad. His most commonly used words are wasteman, big-man and Dracula. His most common catchphrase is ‘Glyn is a G’.
Oi, Duffy stop giving me bare jest, your making me skeet in my pants!
by big-man July 06, 2006
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whem someone did something bad/wrong/stupid is when someone "pulled off a duffy"
old man: yall duffed up kids! im calling the cops on you!
bad kid: you duffy *pulls out gun*
by Lohn Fon Bon John June 11, 2014
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