Accidentally e-mailing, text messaging, instant messaging, BlackBerry Messaging, Facebook messaging/wall-posting, etc. to an unintended recipient.
Ryan sent an inappropriate email to fellow coworkers, but accidentally CC'd his boss. He pulled a Duffy.

Bro, I was hammered and Duffied my mom last night by sending her a booty-text. FML!
by unclsamiam May 14, 2010
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A word used to describe either;
1) A lesbian
2) A vagina

This derives from the poet 'Carol Ann Duffy' who just happens to be a lesbian
1) Hey Judy, are you after some duffy tonight or what?

2) Cor, i wish i could shove my piece deep into chloe's duffy
by Moorejam March 27, 2009
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A man who is egotistical. A Duffy is person is prone to kissing up to superiors in hopes of gain. A Duffy is a person who is very fluid with their opinions gravitating to the one that keeps them from getting blowback.
He's being such a Duffy trying to get into the varsity
by 5544dadplay April 15, 2019
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My homeboy wanted to know if my bitch has any duffy's he can fuck. She hooked him up with her designated ugly fat friend.
by doja303 October 26, 2017
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Cooky, scarcastic, shit-head who falls in love easily .
'She really is an odd Duffy, isn't she?'
by ...Duffy March 09, 2005
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