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A great game for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) that was revolutionary in a gun games.

The first gun game ever for home consoles, the player would shoot down ducks as your dog would capture what you killed.

The game featured one duck (easy mode) and two ducks (hard mode) and as the player progressed to the next level, the ducks would get faster and harder to hit.

Their was also a clay shooting game for those who didn't like killing ducks, lol. But that wasn't as popular.

Their have been rumours that their is an ending to Duck Hunt, but as far as I am concerned, their is no end. You can be on level 1,000,000 and keep going. But maybe their is an ending, who knows?
Duck Hunt opened the doors for gun games that we enjoy today.
by Quack! January 03, 2005
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When you and you friends go out to holla at girls, and you use ugly/unattractive females as target practice regardless of the outcome.
The fellas and I are about to hit the mall and go on a duckhunt to see how many ugly broads numbers we get.
by Snowbunniluver May 10, 2014
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To search through people's photos and comment "Bang! Duck Hunt!" on photos of that person making a 'duck face'; It refers to that of an actual hunter who hunts for ducks.
A duck face could be a person pouting their lips, making a kiss face, puckering their lips, etc.

"Bang! Duck Hunt"
by ZoomZoom February 05, 2012
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The act of shotgunning three beers in a row. Based on the idea that you are only allowed to have three shells in a shotgun while going hunting for ducks. (i.e. Duck Plug)
Bro, I challenge you to a duck hunt.
by rugbybro September 09, 2010
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