1. To kill by submerging and suffocating in water or another liquid.
2. To drench thoroughly or cover with or as if with a liquid.
3. To deaden one's awareness of; blot out
4. To muffle or mask (a sound) by a louder sound

v. intr.

To die by suffocating in water or another liquid.
Nick Drowned at piha cos he was a noob!
by idrift2 March 8, 2006
When someone tries to talk to their crush and it doesn't go well
Did you see Dave's drown he tried to get Briana's number but she denied.
by ngvbo.m April 15, 2016
To shower with the burdens of high-school life.
K bye I’ll ttyl imma go shower now
“Don’t drown”
Oh now that you mention it Imma go ahead and drown”
by Gnaw_ydna April 1, 2019
When someone is iced out so much with a nice fit, it's more than just drip.
Dam! Joel ain't dripping today that boy drowning!
by DrownDude69 September 17, 2020
1.) a feeling of despair, depression, nothing is going right and you can't keep up.

2.) Boredom
1.)I'm drowning man, all this stress and bad luck is killing me.

2.)Dude, this shit is drowning! Lets go do something.
by LZtull July 22, 2009
Making a fool out of yourself infront of others.
Dog.. That kid was drowning hard at that party the other day
by guccichiefsosa April 26, 2013