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To shower with the burdens of high-school life.
“K bye I’ll ttyl imma go shower now”
“Don’t drown”
“Oh now that you mention it Imma go ahead and drown”
by Gnaw_ydna March 31, 2019

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A genius and most definitely not a rip-off of the trashy underwear brand Calvin Klein. Originated from Georgia on October 3rd, the superior brand “Kelvin Clein” was born from the mind of a sleep-deprived, seriously stressed out high schooler who’s mind wandered about the similarity between Kelvin (temperature) and the Calvin cycle
“What are my chances of failure on the quiz?”
“Absolute 0”
“Frickin Kelvin... sounds like Calvin”
“ugh... ha Kelvin Kleins”
“Kelvin Clein”
by Gnaw_ydna October 02, 2019

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A half-question, half-statement
“I do not appreciate them putting the test on Wednesday?”
“Wait is that a question or a statement?”
“Ok it’s half and half”
“Oh so it’s like a squestion”
by Gnaw_ydna March 31, 2019

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