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A drive-by liking is when a Facebook user has responded to all messages, reviewed all notifications, planted their crops on Farmville, and updated their status etc. This person has basically exhausted all efforts to occupy their time on Facebook. Being left with a sense of emptiness and desperation for entertainment, this bored college student in question can perform a drive-by liking in one of two ways.

1) The individual will proceed to like everyone's status updates posted within the past four hours, completely ignoring the nagging feeling that they should be doing something productive with their life.

2) This kind of drive-by liking occurs when visiting a fellow Facebook whore's page and liking everything that the victim has done within the past couple of days. The goal of this is to ensure that upon logging in, the victim will be greeted with 99 notifications.

Drive-by likings should never discriminate. In fact, the most satisfying status updates to like are ones that: have absolutely NOTHING to do with you, include the letters FML, include a sad face, or are sprinkled with typos (and are posted at about 2:15 AM).

Performing a drive-by liking accomplishes a couple things: they make you feel 1337 next time you log in due to the fact that you will (if performed correctly) have 99 notifications yourself, and successfully wasted hours of life that you will never get back.
Examples of stati that have been the victim of a drive-by liking:

Beth - Headache :(
4 seconds ago · JJ likes this

Christine - fml...seriously
15 minutes ago · JJ likes this

Casey - Work.. ughhhh
about an hour ago · JJ likes this

Cierra - Fails at life..AGAIN! Effin storyboard
about an hour ago · JJ likes this
by JeffJonezZz September 28, 2009
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