1) Term used in music, particularly hip hop. It is a witty line, or slick rhyme.

2) A song by Felt
-That rapper spits hot bars, man! I love his rhymes.

-I spit hot bars, i spit on cop cars,
I spit game to the chicks that belong to rock stars,
Got the goods, uptown to Hollywood,
So what you don't like us, your girl probably would.

"Hot Bars" by Felt
by new_Faction February 21, 2011
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Hot bar none means that a person is so damn hot that nobody can compare or beat that person. Commonly used by males.
Gordon: Damn she is hot bar none
Jack: what?
Gordon: She is so hot that nobody can compare
by usernamesarestupid September 4, 2012
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A person who is sexually attractive within the context of a bar, but not necessarily in lighted areas, especially that sunlight falling on a bed in the early morning after a righteous bender
That girl I made out with last night was bar hot, but when I saw her the next day, I wanted to scrub my tongue.
by Randag January 15, 2005
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