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A shithole with a Co-op, a cheap ass convenience store, a primary school that should have been demolished 20 year ago and all buildings have a tendency to catch fire. We have no chip shop (it caught fire). and half of a nursing home (I think you can guess why itโ€™s only half). The town is a bus turning point and it has more abandons houses than every horror film combined. Itโ€™s full of kids that either smoke or drink. You will very often see drunk folk stumble out of one of the many pubs. PUBS. There are more pubs than sober folk in Kincardine.

Over all a shit town that I (sadly) live in. Send help

By Ruby Stewart

(Come at me Corey Battrick)
Oh ken where all the council benefits go? Kincardine
Corey Battrick, 2018
by CuntsComeFromKincardine August 08, 2018
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