Someone who’s mind knows no limits. They can stare off into space for hours on end if someone let them, just imagining the impossible, or everyday things. They will be the future of our world
Person 1: did you hear what Kate’s invention was?
Person 2: I know it was amazing! She is definitely a dreamer
by ALukie April 16, 2019
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Someone who visions of happiness and peace for mankind. Someone who believes that someday the world will truly be as one.
Jim always try to see the good in people. He's always kind, and always doing the right thing. What's up with him, is he a hippie?

Maybe he's a dreamer.
by anthony binas April 16, 2008
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One who doesn't think by physical boundaries, who has 'his head in the clouds'.
Bud is a dreamer, he can't seem to focus.
by Catch Stanguard January 19, 2004
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Someone who is very thoughtful and deep, perhaps depressing or saddening. They tend to cry a lot.
She is such a dreamer, I wonder what made her so sad.
by NydriAyo May 13, 2018
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Someone who cheats, usually on videogames.
Person 1: Woah, did you see him flying?
Person 2: Yeah, must be a Dreamer
by KaiserKaiser May 16, 2021
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A punch to the head area that knocks the victim unconscious.
“Damn, buddy got hit with a dreamer.”
by Yahwehtheboy June 25, 2019
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