4 definitions by anthony binas

Is an American that can survive on his own very easily. Usually at a young age. Able to create fires, make a shelter, find edible food, knowing exactly where you are on a map (in the middle of nowhere).
Damn Jimmy is the all-American-bad-ass, that's the biggest fire ever, and it's made out of stones. And he knows exactly where he is, just by looking at some rocks in the distance.
by anthony binas March 08, 2008
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When a certain unknown person becomes famous in a supposedly short amount of time, usually a day or a week.
Miley Cyrus was an overnight sensation after she was cast for the show Hannah Montana.
by anthony binas March 20, 2008
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A play on damnation.

It is to express lag in a game (typically MMORPG's).
by anthony binas September 01, 2008
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Someone who visions of happiness and peace for mankind. Someone who believes that someday the world will truly be as one.
Jim always try to see the good in people. He's always kind, and always doing the right thing. What's up with him, is he a hippie?

Maybe he's a dreamer.
by anthony binas April 16, 2008
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