Driving the highway when the truck starts sliding sideways tightens the drawstring right up.
by Kirkasaurous February 26, 2016
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A woman of loose morals, even looser genitals. When a woman loses vaginal tightness and grip, she must resort to extreme measures by doing the obvious, tying up her bits to appear Like A Virgin for every encounter with every Tom Dick and Harry...or Tom, whose dick is hairy.
Your granny's been around the block. My grandpa told me that she had a drawstring pussy before she was 21...he had her back in 1945.

It's really difficult curing a yeast infection when you got a drawstring pussy; it's quite messy and hard to deal with.
by Blu Finger April 06, 2008
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The stringlike cord (similar to the open end of a PE bag of the 80's) that is used to keep the arsehole closed. A device such as this is fitted to people who have lost control over the anal sphincter due to excesive buggery
Peter, we have had to fit you with an "anal drawstring" so that you dont shit yourself all the time.
by PJ January 23, 2005
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choking caused when the drawstring of a participants pants or shorts get tangled around another's neck while they are engaged in a dry sixty nine
That dude almost died from drawstring asphyxia while he was dry sixty nining his prude girlfriend.
by Marin Dad August 04, 2008
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A female who has been fucked so much that their pussy is loose as fuck, as the opening of a drawstring bag. It can also be stretched like a drawstring bag too.
Shes a whore. I can tell because she has a drawstring pussy.
by Okay mark November 12, 2019
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