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the hole where your poo comes from
i have got a really sore poo hole
by nick March 08, 2005
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1. Albert Poo Holes is going to break the record for most grand slams in a single season this year. Just you watch...
by willers April 11, 2009
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The poohole is a mysterious entrance, which is commonly believed to lead to another dimension, where brown creatures, commonly referred to as the Cosby kids, are "dumped" into the the toilet (aka the pool).
Lang: Dude my butt really itches.
Steven: Gross.
Lang: I think something is stuck in my poohole.
Steven: Shut up! Oh wait.....that a dildo?!?!?!
by HamLover July 23, 2006
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The name of a very very bad player on the St. Louis Cardinals. He is so bad that he is literally despised by all of the people who hate the Cardinals. In case you don't understand this yet...its Pujols but think about how it sounds...exactly.
Brewer Fan #1: Man this has been a great game so far we are totally crushing the Cardinals.

Brewer Fan #2: Oh man, dude look, Pooholes is up to bat next.

Brewer Fan #1: Man he is such a dick.
by Jokesterpants July 09, 2009
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