A narcissistic woman (or man) who can only function if she is stirring up drama or making huge mountains out of molehills in order to garner as much attention as is humanly possible. Will ALWAYS say that they 'hate drama' but will be the first to start it. Every single thing in this person's life is a soap opera. And only bad things or good things, for that matter, happen to them. You are a puppet in their stage production of life and they are the main star and you should recognize this because they are pulling all the strings. Will sleep with anyone to make their current mate or spouse angry, also, loves strippers (male & female) and will sleep with them at every opportunity but swears they 'hate drama'! They may even accuse you of beng the dramatic one to stir up drama! Also, lives for pitting people against one another so that they can sit back and watch two people tear each other down. This is their most favorite pastime!
Ex. 1
"Dude Alexis is such a drama whore! Apparently, she got an infection from a paper cut and is declaring her arm may have to be amputated! Seriously, what a drama whore!"

Girl 1: Did you hear about what Kim did to Kara?
Girl 2: No, what?
Girl 1: Kim slept with Kara's boyfriend, to make her own boyfriend jealous and told Kara that she was being overly dramatic about the whole thing because she just wanted to show Kara that her boyfriend didn't like her anyway. Kim says she was just trying to be a good friend!
Girl 2: Wow! Kim is a drama whore!
by Constantly99 June 21, 2011
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One who constantly craves the chaos, feeling, and attention that drama can bring along with it.
He's been telling everyone a different story, just to turn everyone against each other, he's such a drama whore.
by KelseexGore October 10, 2007
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Loves attention and is willing to cut herself and boke everywhere for attention for her fifteen minutes off fame. LOVES titty blows. Prefers parking lots, grass lawns infront of movie theater, or cars owned by guys who are mesmorized by big boobs. Crying in hot tubs.
Amy Widmer- "hey lets go somewhere, you'll love how much of a drama whore i can be!"
by dcl123 October 14, 2009
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A person, male or female; who sees any aspect of their personality or actions in their life as interesting topics. Often the drama whore will send out messages with absolutely no content except for something inflammatory or retaliatory directed at another person(s) they dislike.

Drama whore-ism is a self feeding condition. As more and more people are fed up with a constant barrage of useless shit they don't care anything about, the drama whore feels justified by the new attention of being told off. In some cases, the drama whores will band together into a circle jerk, telling each other they're all right and the other 6 billion people on earth are just jealous.
"I made this thread for everyone to insult me in one place."
"Actually it was person that started it all"
"Does anyone know person in place?"
"I think I've proven my point"
"I'm a job who drives a car brand and I hobby on the weekends and you're all just jealous."
-Drama Whore-isms
by ieatrocks July 23, 2006
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A cunning and calculating person, male or female, with the keen and innate ability to enter a conversation, and twist the focus of the subject entirely on them.

There are two sub-categories of this:
1) The Drama Queen, who does this with the intent of being the center of attention and usually not for the lulz.

2) The Sociopathic Loner, who does this simply because they don't know how else to respond in such a context.

3) The Narcissistic Ass, who does it just because they are bored with a conversation that does not involve their own experiences.
Normal Jackoff: "Hey, I got a new cat today, she's so cute!"

Drama Whore: "Oh really? Is she a tabby? I used to have a tabby, back in 2006, but he died. I remember how he started getting old and fat, and could cough a lot and start staring at me when I tried to poke him instead of blublublublubluh bluh bluh..."
by Andariel Halo January 12, 2009
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person who thinks their life occurences are more important than their friends. And always has some utter catastophe about to happen that must be analyzed by fifty million of their closest friends. And completely disregards their friends problems, bc despite already talking to their friends about the problem there is always some reason to tell it again, with more detail, and it is still as important as it was the first 500 times!
Girl 1-Uh why hasn't he called? I mean he asked me to come see him but he hasn't called me back in ten minutes.

Girl 2-My boyfriend of 2 years just broke up with me.

Girl 1-Oh sorry. Anyway...phone rings....uh he's drunk I don't think he is fair I go see him all the time but he doesn't come to see me unless it's on his way to a business thing.
by hopelesslylost June 12, 2005
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Someone who is overly dramatic because they think it makes they cool and interesting, and want to be like the perfect and interesting people on tv (See the O.C.). Like the less powerful drama queen, except can be a guy too.
by Cybernetico December 31, 2005
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