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Often mistakenly defined online as the act itself, in Scottish and Northern Irish slang boke refers to the gagging stage when you feel you're about to, just before actually puking.
Dumbass, don't confuse a boke with a puke -- if you can step in it, you didn't boke.
by picky-picky etymologist June 17, 2008
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To be presented with an unattractive prospect such that the gag reflex is vigorously invoked.
She's pure mingin, she gies me the boke.
by Benzyl November 21, 2009
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A web spelling of the Scottish/Northern Irish slang boak (which occurs because "boke" looks like how you'd spell it) which can mean either vomit or dry heave (the dry boak).
On BBC Scotland when Rab C. Nesbitt asked, "Got a wee touch of the boak, eh doll?" a lot of folks might have thought he said "boke" -- if they could understand his Glaswegian at all.
by Bagpope November 11, 2008
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An anime/manga slang term for a character that is dumb acting, stupid and pretty much doesn't care about grades or studying. Bokes also tend to have advantages like a running skill or something that they don't use.Theey might also hit on people, and or become full of themselves from time to time. In most animes and mangas the boke would usaully be paired up with the tsudere.

Konata - The boke of Lucky Star
America - The boke of Hetalia
by Nitori March 12, 2010
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