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1. Strong willed popular girl within her clique who has less strong willed girls that follow her every move and do her evil bidding for her.

2. Usually very attractive to the opposite sex, but that is not always the case. However, the exception proves the rule. She can really garner a lot of attention from men which helps show her 'power' to her subordinates.

3. Highly jealous. Will backstab, start rumors, feign victimhood so that others will do her mean bidding so that she can remain the 'sweetheart'. Her jealousy is a huge red flag!

4. Usually involved in AMATEUR dancing, modeling or acting.

5. Her friends have a revolving door; once a 'friend' is deemed no longer an asset she is thrown to the side and another enters. The former friend thrown to the side is then made the target for the other 'friends' of the Queen Bee to all attack. The more vicious the attack the more the remaining friend proves her love for the Queen Bee & also sets an example to the other remaining friends to stay on the Queen Bee's good side or they will meet a similar demise.

6. Usually suffers from some sort of personality disorder & may actually be on anti-psychotic meds.

7. No empathy for others unless she is faking it to charm others.

8. Will look 45 by the time she is 32.

9. Only dates or marries men she can control.

10. Anorexic or bulimic

11. Lives for Beauty Pageants
Girl 1: So, Mandy and Jenn aren't friends anymore? What happened?

Girl 2: I think Jenn had enough of Mandy's backstabbing and rumor mongering so she tried to back off from the friendship, but you know Mandy is such a Queen Bee bitch, that she has turned it around and now all of her friends are harassing Jenn.

Girl 1: Well, good for Jenn, but now I understand why Mandy is the Queen Bee, you don't want to be on her bad side.

Girl 1: Pam just can't leave her Queen Bee behavior back in high school, so now she just leads the "mean mom's group" that is heavily involved in the PTA. And now Pam gets everything her way and the program is suffering for it!
by Constantly99 June 16, 2011

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A narcissistic woman (or man) who can only function if she is stirring up drama or making huge mountains out of molehills in order to garner as much attention as is humanly possible. Will ALWAYS say that they 'hate drama' but will be the first to start it. Every single thing in this person's life is a soap opera. And only bad things or good things, for that matter, happen to them. You are a puppet in their stage production of life and they are the main star and you should recognize this because they are pulling all the strings. Will sleep with anyone to make their current mate or spouse angry, also, loves strippers (male & female) and will sleep with them at every opportunity but swears they 'hate drama'! They may even accuse you of beng the dramatic one to stir up drama! Also, lives for pitting people against one another so that they can sit back and watch two people tear each other down. This is their most favorite pastime!
Ex. 1
"Dude Alexis is such a drama whore! Apparently, she got an infection from a paper cut and is declaring her arm may have to be amputated! Seriously, what a drama whore!"

Girl 1: Did you hear about what Kim did to Kara?
Girl 2: No, what?
Girl 1: Kim slept with Kara's boyfriend, to make her own boyfriend jealous and told Kara that she was being overly dramatic about the whole thing because she just wanted to show Kara that her boyfriend didn't like her anyway. Kim says she was just trying to be a good friend!
Girl 2: Wow! Kim is a drama whore!
by Constantly99 June 21, 2011

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