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When one is so inebriated from drinking copious amounts of alcohol that they stumble around like a sloth, very slow and calm like.
Yo, Peter...I heard you got mad slothy last night with that girlfriend of yours.
by Pie You October 12, 2009
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Verb;Adjective. When you're so drunk/high that everything appears to be in slow motion. This can be a very fun experience.
Tom: "Hey Fred, how drunk were you last night?"

Fred: "I don't even know man, I got real Slothy!"
by D. Lux February 17, 2012
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when a female looks like shes been up way to long on meth and having a zombie like appearance; looks like they died and came back from the dead ; just dirty, pale, and smelly.
Look at that bitch she lookin extra slothy!
"Damn girl, go to sleep, you looking real slothy right now!
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by xxBonita187xx July 06, 2018
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