When one is so inebriated from drinking copious amounts of alcohol that they stumble around like a sloth, very slow and calm like.
Yo, Peter...I heard you got mad slothy last night with that girlfriend of yours.
by Pie You October 13, 2009
When a person procrastinates. Prolongs a situation or action.
by Wordoffender January 7, 2019
Verb;Adjective. When you're so drunk/high that everything appears to be in slow motion. This can be a very fun experience.
Tom: "Hey Fred, how drunk were you last night?"

Fred: "I don't even know man, I got real Slothy!"
by D. Lux February 17, 2012
when a female looks like shes been up way to long on meth and having a zombie like appearance; looks like they died and came back from the dead ; just dirty, pale, and smelly.
Look at that bitch she lookin extra slothy!
"Damn girl, go to sleep, you looking real slothy right now!
by xxBonita187xx July 7, 2018
someone or something that is hot/beautiful or cool
Those girls are so slothy
by quinnnz November 22, 2005
When you crap in your hand and smear it on someones face hwen their sleeping. You can also give them a teabag or arabian goggles
ben was being a bitch so hwen he was sleeping i had diarreah and gave him the worst slothie of his life!!!
by lil dreidel December 10, 2004
to be attached to; and or cling on another as if they were a branch
Did you see Connie's slothiness last night? she was all over Bobby like she was clinging to a limb for dear life.
by adhjskadhkahjkda February 28, 2011