What boys treasure more than there girl friends and life and family’s fortnite a game that sucks your life out of you
A fortnite win yea let go let’s post it 11:11 fortnite dub sally gets mad because it’s not her
by Ggggg1111 February 13, 2018
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Fortnite wins, when you get a win on fortnite a fun battle Royale game. Usually annoying 12 year olds say how many fortnite wins they have but really don’t have that many
Hey Rick! I have 69 fortnite wins
by Fortnite Daddy March 18, 2018
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the thing no 12 year olds will shut up about and will probally lie about
I gOt 190 FoRtNiTe WiNs

wow soooo cool
by IDK94068039 June 26, 2019
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A contradictory word itself, its meaning being; nill value, and nonexistent
by GayXD May 23, 2018
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