The female anatomy from the waist down.
He had me hot and bothered in my 'downstairs'. My downstairs was leaking.
by Jdjon August 27, 2017
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Code word for a persons private part area.
Can I go downstairs?
My downstairs is tingling.
I want to kiss you downstairs.

by Steph Olive December 5, 2006
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a crotch area of a man or woman
"Dude! I totally saw her downstairs from under that skirt!"
by hoebag January 27, 2005
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J Nasty: Don't tell Meg I told you, but she totally showed me her downstairs.
Caitlin: OH!

Five minutes later:
Caitlin: So, Meg. I heard you showed J Nasty your "downstairs"?
Meg: *laughs hysterically*
by ghettonun. September 2, 2009
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Female masturbation. Attributed to comedian Pete Holmes
She's thirty and all the guys are taken or douches; another night spinning tracks with the downstairs dj.
by Mr_happy_time July 13, 2013
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Lying Downstairs is when someone isn't telling the truth about how many people they've slept with.
Wow! Look at Susan, she is really lying downstairs!
by TheBigMacDaddy May 4, 2020
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