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A person of Irish decent. Very proud of their Irish heritage. Tender and caring with the ability to become fiercely violent at the drop of a hat. Powerful and persuasive. A good drinker.
He can drink, and he can fight, but he's no Dougherty.
by animaldonkey June 13, 2008
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as in "to dougherty one's beer": leaving around an ounce of beer at the bottom of each bottle, can, or glass.
A new round is ordered; as the bartender clears the empties, on guy notices that the other guy left an ounce or so of beer at the bottom of the bottle. The first guy then says: "Dude, don't dougherty your beer, I paid for that!"
by The Squall June 27, 2009
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The act of connecting (Doughertying) an un circumcised penis to a circumcised penis. Usually only completed by complete homosexuals named Dougherty.
Bro you want to Dougherty up?
by Dougherty March 19, 2018
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