Possibly the largest form of douchness. When someone is being so shady that the common douch bag is unable to resolve.
What's Berts problem? I asked for supplies out of the warehouse but he is being such a douch canoe that he told me to fuck off.
by cableguy7464 July 29, 2009
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An individual who insists on causing the rest of the earth as much pain as possible; A chap so arrogant and twattish that they have almost no choice but to fuck you over whenever possible.
*Car drives through large puddle, drenching a child*

Child: "Pickles, what a complete Douche Canoe that old chap is!"
by FretWizard February 2, 2014
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Someone who exceedes the limits of being a normal douche or douche bag.

by Dino V. February 19, 2007
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The vessel used by a douche bag to travel up douche creek to douchetown to visit the family of Douchery’s to celebrate Douchemas.
*Douche Accent* Younder vestle is a accurate demenstration of a canoe of douche, we dun been calling it a douche canoe for near 7 decads.
by ThisOldSoul December 23, 2018
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1. Any vehicle filled to capacity with a group of major douchebags. Usually a luxury SUV. Most often owned or purchased by the parents of one of the douche mcgouches inside. The group of individuals who pour out of the douche canoe can be affectionately referred to as a "shitstorm of douchebags."
If that douche canoe tries to swoop us in the Taco Bell line, I will go fisticuffs with that whole shitstorm of douchebags inside!
by MFaF September 13, 2009
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A Douche Canoe is an elongated version of a douchebag. Someone so full of themselves and narcissistic tendencies that are eerily misplaced considering they are jobless, live off women, cheat and are generally not able to be classified as anything but a douche canoe.
“Look at that douchebag over there”
“He is such a douche that he doesn’t even fit in a bag anymore get him a douche canoe
“Shut up, you making waves with your mouth like a douche canoe”

“ I can’t stand that tinder loving douche canoe”
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An individual who is completely oblivious to the awkward and often offensive nature of his behavior and style. Due to his high level of confidence and willingness to embrace new styles and personas with ease, unsuspecting bystanders may find themselves strangely attracted to the douche canoe. This is due to his vortex of douche upon which he proudly paddles through life.
Terry pulled up to the stoplight in his blacked out Mercedes and took a long drag off his vape pen. He turned toward his girlfriend and blew a great cloud of smoke into her face blocking her view while he winked and blew a kiss at her cousin riding in the back seat.

Sandy, I told you to get rid of this douche canoe. He is such a creep!
by Steve's Buddy Tim September 10, 2015
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