to cause trouble; to disturb the status quo
the new employee started making waves in the office by sharing secrets about the other workers
by ampeezy September 27, 2011
Ronny: "Don't worry we will definitely be Making Waves."
by Beefstew September 12, 2006
to cause a disturbance, or to create a situation where chaos or controversy will surface
"let's try to keep this matter out of the public's not the time to make waves if we want this brisk business we've been having to continue!"
by Bungalow Bill April 22, 2007
to cause a disturbance, to cause trouble
Don't make waves if you want to get through the difficulties.
by The Return of Light Joker December 17, 2008
when you go to town on a chick in a water bed. the ripples you create from thrusting are waves, hence lets make waves.
"eyy gurrl, i got a water bed. lets make waves tonight"
by oakland_fan_69 February 11, 2012
Ruffle some feathers. Go against the norm.
I guess I will make some waves and not turn in my turn paper.
by Ginger Catbat August 31, 2017