18 definitions by Overeducatedunderachievinglose

A certificate slut is someone who continuously get cheap internet classes and certifies them self in different things in order to appear more intelligent than they are. A certificate slut pays for class after class in order to get their accomplishments and certificates posted on social media.
This certificate slut pays 14.99 for a class and thinks she's an expert on everything.

I never met a certificate slut before. She spent her whole paycheck on internet degrees that take two days to complete and then ours on their resume like they graduated Harvard.

Don't listen to that certificate slut. She only takes classes in order to be an expert on everything to impress guys into thinking she's smart.

A certificate slut has a banging body and is hot and yet no self esteem so she gets online certificates to make others think she has a brain.
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A perfect girl for girlfriend material, always there loyal loving and faithful. Can have blue or hazel eyes or blond or brown hair. It’s her energetic personality that gets her lots of love. People are naturally drawn to her. She may get some haters because her genuineness is such that it seems impossible.
I need a Bridget in my life as my girl
Where did you get that Bridget to be your girlfriend?
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An original babe who works out non stop, is loyal to her friends and family. Is fun loving, has the greatest haircut. Men and women fall in love with a Chloe crissey at the drop of a heartbeat. She is secure and a classy yet hobo hippy chick. Ambition is contagious. She is amazing all around. She is a badass bitch that has your side ride or die kind of chick.
I met the hottest Chloe crissey last night at the gym, I had to walk two hours just to get a chance to talk to her when her headphones battery died “
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Older Women who go after a younger man in order to completely control and dominate them using sexual means. To change a younger man using sex as a dangle
Bridget went after kameron to milfwhip him into stop playing destiny. I think this woman is trying to milfwhip me.milfwhipped
by Overeducatedunderachievinglose October 24, 2019
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To be extremely enamored and sexually entranced by a much older women. Other meanings are to be p*ssy whipped by an older chick. A young guy willing to do anything to get in the pants of a milf. P#ssy whipped but by an older women. Also see milf whipping
This dude got kicked out of his house because he's been milfwhipped by his moms best friend. She has sexed up her boy toy to the point he is mentally limited and totally milfwhipped. See also milfwhip
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This is when an older woman punishes her boy toy for misbehaving. To be in the process of being manipulated by an older woman for sexual favors.
I'm so confused I thought she loved me but my friends say she's milfwhipping me. She sucked my dick so good I didn't know she was milfwhipping me. My babysitter is milfwhipping me now that I'm 20. Milfwhippedmilfwhip
by Overeducatedunderachievinglose October 24, 2019
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Someone who thinks they are a kingpin in the streets but really are only the king of the bus stop corner selling dime bags of weed.

Can be someone who tried to say they got the best drugs but they are overpriced
This mofuckin min pin just sold my cousin a dime of shwagg
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