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A chemical in adderall. One of two amphetamines used. It is also an ADHD medication that is used on its own or in combination with other ADHD medications
I used dextromethamphetamine to lose 50 pounds dude
An original babe who works out non stop, is loyal to her friends and family. Is fun loving, has the greatest haircut. Men and women fall in love with a Chloe crissey at the drop of a heartbeat. She is secure and a classy yet hobo hippy chick. Ambition is contagious. She is amazing all around. She is a badass bitch that has your side ride or die kind of chick.
I met the hottest Chloe crissey last night at the gym, I had to walk two hours just to get a chance to talk to her when her headphones battery died “
A Douche Canoe is an elongated version of a douchebag. Someone so full of themselves and narcissistic tendencies that are eerily misplaced considering they are jobless, live off women, cheat and are generally not able to be classified as anything but a douche canoe.
“Look at that douchebag over there”
“He is such a douche that he doesn’t even fit in a bag anymore get him a douche canoe
“Shut up, you making waves with your mouth like a douche canoe”

“ I can’t stand that tinder loving douche canoe”
Hobo dollars are the definition of EBT card usage and also food stamps or snap cards. Instead of real cash they go for 50% of their value on the street. They are also known as food stamps.
Yo bitch you won't even spend $3 on a monster with your hobo dollars.

Can I borrow your hobo dollars to get a gas station hamburger and microwave it there to get the system over?

Stop spending your hobo dollars on losers who can't even fill out a food stamps application.

You filled out the application and got the landlord form, you earned them hobo dollars straight up.

He's so lazy he can't even go to social services and get hobo dollars
To take too much of the antipsychotic zyprexa and become in a comatose like state. Many do not know how strong this drug is and it can be used as a date rape drug or to knock oneself out for days.
I zyprexad myself without having any idea this non controlled drug was so strong.

My boyfriend zyprexad me to get anal sex
Someone who uses someone else's food stamps because they are too lazy yo get their own. Someone who dates fat chicks with kids to get their food stamps.
Dude he's a hobo dollar whore. His ex had 4 kids, 250 pounds and he spent her food stamps and bounced.

Where do I find a fat chick with kids? I got to hobo dollar whore myself in order to eat this month.

Damn, I'm gonna go hobo dollar whore myself, I need a Pepsi.
Omg you ever been to zorrbabe.com? She pays for a site to ramble about on irrelevant topics or herself. a zorrbabe.com loser just made another website about themselves

A person is a zorrbabe.com loser when they make sites about themselves and aren't known by anyone but think they are.
Omg did you see the zorrbabe.com loser site she made?

I met Another zorrbabe.com loser poser making paid sites about themselves zorrbabe.com