4 definitions by FretWizard

An individual who insists on causing the rest of the earth as much pain as possible; A chap so arrogant and twattish that they have almost no choice but to fuck you over whenever possible.
*Car drives through large puddle, drenching a child*

Child: "Pickles, what a complete Douche Canoe that old chap is!"
by FretWizard February 2, 2014
A complete and utter twat; somebody so full of themself that they want everyone to know how 'brilliant' they are.
Pat: God, am I great! I'm so clever, and a great person to be around! (He isn't)

Dan: He's a right Cum-nugget!
George: Amen.
by FretWizard September 11, 2014
One of Thin Lizzy's greatest tracks. Arguably one of the finest songs ever written, the guitar can leave you in a mess after twenty straight orgasms.
"Hey dude, have you heard cowboy song?"
"Yeah man, needed a mop for the semen on the ceiling afterwards though"
by FretWizard February 2, 2014
The added sexual attractiveness to another as a result of them being forbidden to you. This is anything from teachers to step-mothers, or your best mate's sister. Incest also comes in to this, but that's pretty ill-advised if you ask me.
"Dan's mum just rocks my world, she's really a 5/10 but that forbidden fruit factor bumps her up to a solid 9"
by FretWizard May 1, 2015