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Everyone needs a Douce. She is a person you can trust with your heart she is also a girl of good character. She has the heart of an angel, shows compassion and encourages everyone around her. She is sincere, sensitive and kind. A sensual, graceful dancer
There simply arent enough words in the english language to describe douce . She is unbelievably and utterly gorgeous and everytime i see her i think i melt a little. i cant keep my eyes off her for more than a second if i know shes in the room. she very well may be the singular most beautiful creature i think ive ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. she's a heart of gold. all i want to do is tell her how amazing and perfect she is to me, and treat her like the princess she is.

If you ever find a douce in your life try and keep her no matter what the circumstances are I already found me a douce
Adalaine: bro that girl man she is everything

Friend: who douce you better go get her before someone else does because everyone wants a douce
by Anonymoussomeonered December 13, 2018
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1. Douce is simply a synonym of the word "dude"

2. As well can be used as "Douce Maister" which is used to refer to the person who invented the word "Douce" or someone "cool" or simply "awesome"
"Douce what's up?", "Douce man Douce", " Yo Douce" Etc.
by Douce Maister July 07, 2011
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A Douce:

Someone who believes their funny but isn’t.

Someone who copies others and try’s to imitate others but fails massively.

Someone who is normally the but of the joke
β€œStop it Tel, you’re being a Douce!”
by Luke Tucker August 23, 2019
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