1. Douce is simply a synonym of the word "dude"

2. As well can be used as "Douce Maister" which is used to refer to the person who invented the word "Douce" or someone "cool" or simply "awesome"
"Douce what's up?", "Douce man Douce", " Yo Douce" Etc.
by Douce Maister July 7, 2011
A Douce:

Someone who believes their funny but isn’t.

Someone who copies others and try’s to imitate others but fails massively.

Someone who is normally the but of the joke
Stop it Tel, you’re being a Douce!”
by Luke Tucker August 23, 2019
Beer that comes in a twenty-two ounce bottle.

"Lets roll to the store and pick us up a douce-douce"
by vivaladeb May 1, 2007
An overweight/large girl.

Term comes from being 200+lbs, 2=douce, hence, she's "doucing it".
Man that chick over there, she's doucing it.
by TJR May 2, 2005