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This is when you are edging while masturbating and simultaneously "prairie dogging" until you release both in an explosion of ecstasy.
So I was holding my shit in while I was jerking off and started to double edging.
by Uncle Strangeman June 13, 2018
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When sex partners bring each other simultaneously to the brink of orgasm, then stopping or pausing the activity without crossing the climactic threshold. May be repeated as desired (or capable) to prolong enjoyment and/or build to soul-shaking crescend-O! .
Brian and I spent the whole afternoon double-edging, 'til he finally spurted when I was riding the rail, so I guess he lost ... or won. Both, I guess.

Me and Marti were double-edging in leaning-back reverse cowgirl, in her family room and never even heard her parents get home, just all of a sudden they were right there and we both popped, and Marti squirted and it hit her dad!
by insidiot May 29, 2019
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a sexual act were u and your friend both have sexual contact with someone else at the same time,ie-spitroast,threesome.
hey jim how did you and baz get on the other night with that girl?
jim- good mate was good ended up double-edging!
by kintymaddog August 12, 2009
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