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Finger blasting two chicks simultaneously from behind in a public setting, preferably on the dance floor while wearing sunglasses
Nate: Yo did you see Sam out on the dance floor?
Jake: Finger blasting those two hussies?
Nate: Yeah he was double clutching the shit out of them!
Jake: WOW! I gotta get me two hoes to double clutch!
by DilboGaggins420 October 25, 2018
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To finger bang a person's ass while either performing oral sex on them, or while giving a male a hand job.
I encourage double clutching to my girlfriends.
I was watching porn, and this girl double clutched the dude.
by Jesse Ray 620 December 12, 2008
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When a hoe takes on two or more dicks at the same time
Guy 1: Yo, Sheena new β€œman” don’t know is she is the biggest double clutching slut in the hood!

Guy 2: Hahaha, man that hoe messing around with John, Matt and Quameer at the same time? What a simp
by Joos man June 12, 2018
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Hitting the weed twice and then passing it. Usually a party foul.
"Whats wrong with you man, dont be double clutching on my weed."
by Kevin Crosby May 20, 2005
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