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Im going to go get my ballonknot licked.
by MBC March 31, 2003
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a tight butt hole that hasn't recently seen any form of penetration, thus giving the illusion of the knot of a balloon
" i took this skank home n banged her right in her balloon knot" or "this girl really gets off when you eat out her balloon knot" or " damn i can smell your dirty balloon knot from across the room"
by glass bottom boat captain March 22, 2009
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The way your anus ends up looking after you have spent any length of time in the bathhouses in the Castro.
Quinby had only recently come out and told his family that he was gay. He had met some very supportive people at the local LGBT center including a very obese lesbian named Cathy. She had encouraged him to get his ass stretched down one of the many bathhouses down in the Castro. He had taken her up on this advice and soon trotted down there, lube in hand, rubbers in the other and before long he was getting taken left, right and center and having a great time of it. He loved being gay. He didn't care about the rainbows or the pride events or even the fact he was now eligible to wear fluffy boots with his white denims and shiny t-shirts. It was all about cock and taking as many as possible. He felt different back there in no time at all. He loved feeling all puckered and loose and was sure that his balloon knot would now be prized by the many leather men in the city who would love to bend him over and give his ass a damn fine walloping.
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by mammarylane September 17, 2017
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if you spread open the knot of a balloon, the resultant view is similar to that of the anus
she bent over and i saw her balloon knot
by father O April 16, 2002
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