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A long winded failure. Writing up elaborate plans, then failing to achieve them. Pretending to be a leader, but being miles behind the pack. Often showing great lack of skill in online games such as Lineage 2.
ok , time to stop holding hands and do something with what weve made here.

weve had enough time to get to know eachother , work together some and improve our coordination. so heres what im asking and what i need peoples help with. I'm not a leader in enmity, nor trying to be but if the only time any clan can accomplish anything is when leaders force people then our entire success is dependant on how much time our leaders can put into game.

for any clans success it really is dependant on the members to help leadership by making things happen when the leaders can't be around to hold everyones hands.

during our sieges we made 7 groups last week. not bad considering the members weve lost since the merge. what this tells me is that on weekends if we planned something we could potentialy gather 7 groups to work towards a common goal.

what i am asking is that on sunday at 3pm cst/4 pm est we gather , make a siege force with proper pvp groups and take back hellbound for a few hours.

we already know that if we take 2 groups to hellbound Td will gather 3, but whatwe have been doing is just pulling from our active base at any random time and TD pulls from thier active base at same random time. by defualt of being the larger clan TD will always have more that way.

But if we plan for a day and time when we know we can put up our full force we can make pvp happen that will see us winning at the end. Right now I see our clan needs a moral boost after all the drama since merge. we need us a good old fashioned mass pvp where we win and accomplish something.

herEs the thing to keep in mind, it isn't our goal to all of a sudden just take over hellbound and lock TD out of it, but what we can do is a much smaller goal of taking over and locking it down for a few hours here or there where we all plan to be on. This ladies and gentlemen is what we call fighting on our terms, we choose , the place , the time and the conditions that favor us.

out of 7 groups for a siege we should be able to make 4 good groups all 78+ with proper support that can all enter hb,

we should be able to make 3 more groups that can offer pvp support by camping wastelands to kill any enemy groups that pr from hb even if they can't all get into hb.

if we plan the groups beforehand and stack them like we would for siege we can catch TD off guard and kick some ass for a while.

heres the strategy in mind. we gather at 3 cst/4 est, make groups, while forming groups we send in scout to see exactly where td is and what groups they have in hb. then we send in just enough to go gank the pve groups and kick them out of say green spot.

from there TD response will be to pull 1-2 parties to come offer support to the party that was just ganked. when they come we hit them full force with our siege force ambush.

from there 1-2 things will happen, one we will have far to many people for TD to randomly gather peeps and form up to fight us or they will have on a shitload and we get some awsome fights that we planned for while they had no time to plan for.

if they dont come to fight us becuase of our numbers then congratulations we just took back hb for a few hours. if they do i believe that our pre planning will give us the edge to win over whatever groups they can scramble together for pvp.

what we need to do is use the strenghts we have to cover our weaknesses. we lack the heroes that TD doews, fine we just have to do more then with what little we have.

for instance, debuffs and hero fear are m.atk based, the more successful u want those skills to be the higher u have to raise the m.atk of the casters. for this we have bangkok on his inspector, make a group with a high m.atk hero such as beldeine, evvie or visnu and our lvl 80 overlords. when TD starts porting into hb most likely they will use clan invincability and come in hopeing to hero fear the shit out of us. the key to stopping that is to hit them first and hit them harder. bangkok has a skill thats a partybuff that for 10 seconds will double the m.atk of everyone in party. that means hero fear lands on more enemies and debuffs from the ol's hit more of them regardless of wether they are clan invincabilitied or not.

so heres the basic plan, after our bait group has kicked an td xp group out we camp near the port with our 4 groups. when td comes in we ud and rush them at the port. we have hero/ol group fear and debuff them. when 7-10 seconds is left in ud we luanch 2 nuker bubbles. we can theoreticaly put up around 7-9 nuker bubbles with the wealth of 80+ nukers we have in clan. if one fails we still get off one. if both fail we have backups.

i was told we dont use the nuker bubbles and other bubbles much because in the past people were "re re" (retarded ) about getting them up. facts are they are too important for us to not be using them in mass pvp. if we suck at using them we need to work on using them then and this pvp is that opportunity. i know before the merge d7 was able to get up our nuker bubbles in sieges with a pretty high success rate. if we could do it then , theres no exscuse we can't do them now all together as enmity. IF WE HAVE 4 GROUPS WE SHOULD HAVE 4 BUBBLES. chances of all 4 getting interupted are slim.

main thing about nuker bubbles though is timeing, they are useless if u use them while enemy is invincabled. thats why we invincable immiediatly after td invincables. in any fight our invincability will be ending a few seconds after thiers which means a well timed nuker bubble at the end of our invincability will be devastating to enemy in pvp because they can't block it then.

if we plan for 2 nuker bubbles per group, whoevers leading the pvp force just needs to call for who to be seeded and when. very clear orders here from a leader can make this a success. if we use 2 nuker bubbles and 1 ud per round we can win vs td trying to come into hb at least 3 times.

they wont be able to run away and kite at ent to hb because if they did they would agrro mobs that would give them full xp loss.

if they sm to avoid agrro while trying to run away from us while we are invincabled well lol sm doesnt work to well with tryiing to run away. if they pr to get away we have 2-3 groups already camping wastelands to kill them blackscreened and we can eassily pr/soe to backup those groups at wastelands as well.

anyways this is a plan i have for something small we can do to chip away at all the excess crap in TD that is only in them for the all access pass to hb. it's not realistic for us to think we can take hb from td at any random time but if we just plan a few times a week for everyone to be on we can start doing damage to TD's moraL.

we would only do this for a few hours until olympiad started. then people would break up and move off to thier own things.

if u think theres flaws in this, speak up, if not i look forward to ur support to have some fun pvp.

... Then proceed to lose the fight. That's what Dorja would do.
by LordChowder March 06, 2009
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A person of great love, passion and creativity that just want's to be happy and enjoy her life in it's fullest. Her goodness and kindness is often mistaken for weakness by lesser people who try to take advantage of her and her kind nature. That person would rather sacrifice her self and her well-being then lower her standards and drop down to level of those insignificant others. Her sacrifice and kindness will one day pay off and she will get all happiness she deserves, because that was written in stars that live inside her eyes.
Oh my god, she is total Dorja!!
by kalipso_the_great November 13, 2018
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