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The Legendary Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is managing the ship at Manchester United. He is at the wheel.

Repeatedly yelled by an excited Rio Ferdinand when United beat PSG.
OATW - Ole's at the wheel, tell me how good does it feel.
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by Benny XI July 05, 2020

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Teenage global phenomenon destined for greatness with his one club love. Nickname for the talented Mason Greenwood currently flying at Manchester United and bagging the spectacular goals.

Mason Greenwood's runs and explosive shot from around the box are very reminiscent of a young Lionel Messi.
Another unbelievable strike from Messi Greenwood today, lads.
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by Benny XI July 09, 2020

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Portuguese Magnifico! A star attacking midfielder recently signed for Manchester United and immediately having an impact to turn the season around under OATW.

Bruno goes left and goes right and makes defenders look shite.

A protracted transfer was completed in January 2020 for an initial £47 and paid immediate dividends.

Bruno Fernandes may often be referred to as "BRUNO! BRUNO! BRUNO!
Bruno made those defenders look shite. Bruno Fernandes is some player!
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by Benny XI July 13, 2020

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You Are Most Welcome. Nobody likes to type long words do they? When someone says TY, the polite form response is YAMW, you are most welcome!
TY for a great night....

Thank You for your help...
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by Benny XI July 11, 2020

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Widely misused in the world of EDM to allegedly mean being loyal to a music stream containing Plamp. Actually means to craftily masturbate.
He's really enjoying this set, but did he just camp plamp on himself?
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by Benny XI July 08, 2020

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The new Duncan Edwards and focus of recent tweet to find a better defender in world football.

The colossal of a centre-back is currently plying very little trade at Manchester United.

Has also been referred to by nickname Phil "Calamity" Jones due to high-profile costly errors.

Phil Jones is world-famous for gurning expressions during tight passages of play.
"Name a better defender than Phil Jones."

Phil Jones starting today! Oh christ!
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by Benny XI August 12, 2020

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A stupid person. Noun
A buffoon, simpleton, dolt or idiot.
Charlie Brown may say block-head.
He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, he's a complete dope.
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by Benny XI August 07, 2020

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