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Pronouced ( D OE S)

This is the South African word for a cunt or pussy.
1 - That girl had such a tight doos.

2 - That guy causing trouble there is such a doos.
by Tom-E September 17, 2006
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(South African vulgar English slang. Derived from Afrikaans. Literally means "box", slang term for a vagina. Extremely pejorative.)

(Pronounced to rhyme with the English words "do us")

A very stupid, obstreporous, despicable, disagreeable person, often a male. An "asshole" or "dickhead".
Example 1: "Ag, that ouk is a real doos, ek se."

Translation: "Man, that guy is a real asshole, I'm telling you."

Example 2: "Listen, stop being such a doos."

Translation: "Listen, stop being such a foolish idiot."
by david lincoln brooks November 15, 2010
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A word meaning "dude" that white rich kids say to sound cool. Usually found in the suburbs of the richest part of town. 1/2 of whom try to act black or think they are the shit.
Karl:Yo doo, I am hungry as shit!
George:Okay doo I can hook us up with some free dick!
by george456 September 06, 2007
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Derogitory for vagina, or someone who acts like a cunt.
Don't be a complete doos.
by Peter Noble July 07, 2003
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p. doo-wis
origin-afrikaans,plural-dosies, lterally maening puss, vagina, stupid, idiotic.

dirk is a doos

all those guys were dosies
by fazlur May 09, 2006
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