Somebody who is always walked all over
"Damn, that loser is such a doormat, he'll do anything you'll tell him!"
by Dale Kerrigan March 27, 2004
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1) Somebody who is always walked all over

2) Ancient and rarely used term for a mat made of absorbent fibrous material, placed inside a door, for visitor to clean the soles of their shoes on.
1) "Damn, that loser is such a doormat, he'll do anything you'll tell him!"
by Dale Kerrigan March 27, 2004

2) "wipe your feet before you come in! Use the doormat". Note that ones feet are not in fact cleaned or wiped, it is English idiom, the feet are kept in the shoes, it is the shoes that are dried and cleaned.
by Mart2038 November 24, 2020
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Something people walk all over when/if they feel like a welcome is a weakness.
You helped me by eliminating yourself from my life over perceived disrespect. We didn't have much of a bond to speak of if I hardly knew you, if I did know you well then your end of the bond was false, but I won't welcome you back a second time, I don't owe you that. I'm not the doormat you thought I was.
by The Original Agahnim September 29, 2021
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Someone who's really nice, kind, generous and sweet; often also smart and funny. They can be outgoing and extroverted, but still allow certain/most people to walk all over them.
They are dedicated friends and partners, and infallibly there for anyone who needs them with advice, support, money, homework to be copied, and expect nothing in return.
They desperately wish one day that someone will call them a friend and mean it, but for now they are happy to be a friend to everyone else no matter what the personal cost.

They actually LIKE to be used, because at least it means they are needed in some small way.
People might see being a doormat as a sad and pathetic existence, but doormats are generally content with their standing.
"Alice, you're such a doormat- you let us walk all over you!"
"I don't mind, really. I'm your friend and I just want to be here for you"
by doormat-and-content April 19, 2012
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when your ex-boyfriend treats u like shit

walks all over you

Insults you

Calls you names
My ex-boyfriend treats me like a fucking doormat he walks all over me
by Traci68 February 17, 2020
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1. A weak ass insecure bitch (male or female) who gets pushed around and walked all over by some pushy cunty type-a personality garbage partner.
Here’s the thing about ‘doormats’...They’re fun to walk on for a while, but eventually they get worn out.”

- Jenga
by Jenga23 August 3, 2019
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To be treated with contempt, especially by someone you trust, i.e. boss, friend, significant other
"Your boss doormatted you for 18 months before he finally promoted you."
by Monsterboxer January 27, 2010
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