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Somebody who is always walked all over
"Damn, that loser is such a doormat, he'll do anything you'll tell him!"
by Dale Kerrigan March 27, 2004
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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A person who allows people to treat them badly or walk all over them.
Mark: Tyrone treats Sarah like crap.
Chris: Yeah she's such a door mat sometimes.
by E1K4B0NG March 28, 2008
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Someone who's really nice, kind, generous and sweet; often also smart and funny. They can be outgoing and extroverted, but still allow certain/most people to walk all over them.
They are dedicated friends and partners, and infallibly there for anyone who needs them with advice, support, money, homework to be copied, and expect nothing in return.
They desperately wish one day that someone will call them a friend and mean it, but for now they are happy to be a friend to everyone else no matter what the personal cost.

They actually LIKE to be used, because at least it means they are needed in some small way.
People might see being a doormat as a sad and pathetic existence, but doormats are generally content with their standing.
"Alice, you're such a doormat- you let us walk all over you!"
"I don't mind, really. I'm your friend and I just want to be here for you"
by doormat-and-content April 19, 2012
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Someone who lets their so-called man walk all over them!
I'm such a doormat, he never spends any time with me but I stick around anyway.
by Tesha H. April 25, 2007
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An object you place in front of your door. ffs
Not a person you treat as if they were a doormat. You know, walkin' all over 'em and makin em feelike shitlike WHAT?
You gonna do that?

A doormat is simply an object placed before an entryway into someone's home. It is NEVER a human being that is treated like some planar object you can just walk all over, wipe your shoes off on, and then enter into the person's home I can't even get into. I can't get in there, because - hint hint - I'm a fucking doormat. So sure, I'll stay out here, glad I could be of help.
He used a doormat to wipe his shoes off before going into the apartment.
by midinerd March 19, 2019
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when your ex-boyfriend treats u like shit

walks all over you

Insults you

Calls you names
My ex-boyfriend treats me like a fucking doormat he walks all over me
by Traci68 February 17, 2020
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