Someone who that revels in the thought of destruction of the planet or humanity due to global warming.

Antonym: denier.

Doomers hold an unshakable faith that the planet is inevitably doomed because of anthropogenic global warming and that nothing can reverse earth's ultimate destruction. In particular, doomers seem to take joy in discussing and contemplating a global doomsday.
The doomer took great joy in debunking a report that suggested that global warming doomsday predictions were exaggerated.
by Sierra Sam February 09, 2012
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Used by the peak oil community to refer to those who believe that the end of the oil age will also mean the end of human society.
I'm a doomer 'cos wind and nuclear will never cut it, and hydrogen's a pipe dream.

You're doomerosity is only so high 'cos you're suffer from apocophilia.
by Jaymax September 26, 2005
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A Baby Boomer that believes we are all doomed by the behavior of the following generations
Jake: Did you hear Mr. Jones say the world is going to implode in the next 20 years?
Zoey: He is such a freaking Doomer!
by Urban humor January 21, 2020
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Doomer is a gay fucking bitch who sucks at fortnite and Minecraft if I was doomer id just end my whole life because I'm doomer and he sucks more dick than imaginable.
by big man big o November 10, 2019
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Used to describe someone who is overly obsessed with global problems.
You might have a doomer on your hands if:

1. He keeps talking about the end of the world
A doomer is obsessed with global problems and will not hesitate to drag you into a five-hour long lecture just to tell you more about his opinion towards global problems.
2. He urges you to take more public transport frequently.
A doomer is very worried about climate change and will do anything he can to stop it. This is of course, good until it reaches a point where he asks you about your car or something every day.
3. He frequently watches the news, and tells people about it.
Someone who is in love with global affairs will definitely not want to miss the news, so a doomer will definitely try his best to catch the news everyday, sometimes even asking you to join him.

Hope you understand what a doomer is now
"Hey, did you know? Frank's such a doomer. He's droning non-stop about the virus outbreak."
by LeluguyssuckTheGreat March 03, 2020
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A group of dummies who plays with sharpie markers and likes to eat at buffets!!
Gosh did you see those doomers at Golden Corral? They ate so many damn plates.
via giphy
by blueballsdicknuts January 01, 2020
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A person who sees doom coming for humanity as a whole for either rational science-based reasons (AGW, nuclear war, doomsday clock, etc) or irrational reasons (zombie apocalypse, god's punishment, etc). Sometimes used as a slur against schizoid or loner types who have negative worldviews for mental health reasons.
This guy reading The Sixth Extinction is becoming more and more of a doomer as he turns the pages.
by dom-trussardi May 04, 2020
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