The demographic cohort following Generation Z. Doomers will come of age at a time when the planet and, thus, society as we know it is irreversibly doomed.

The term is also an assonance (rhyme) of (baby) “boomer,” describing any individual of the very generation that is commonly said to be responsible for the doomed nature of post-millennial existence.
“If the boomers had not destroyed the planet, they would not call us doomers, would they”.
by Reenson August 06, 2019
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Someone who expects the worst possible outcome from a global occurrence, especially the peak in global oil production.

Antonyms are cornucopian, humanist, realist.

Doomers hold a faith based belief that humanity is incapable of resolving human-society created global issues, e.g. by replacing oil with other energy sources.

Refer apocophilia
peakoil.com is packed full of doomers practicing group-think like it was a survival skill.

I used to be a doomer, but then I remembered how to add.
by Jaymax September 16, 2005
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A millennial who grew up in the mid to late 90s around the time the first DOOM game came out. They consider themselves their own separate group from the Millennial generation and they hold a deep resentment towards GenZ kids. They think the early 2000s were the best era of all time and every game made after that era will never live up to "the classics". Can usually be found wearing a dark clothes and a beanie in the back isle of the grocery store buying cigs or a 12 pack of Monster Ultra.
Doomer: *cracks open Monster Ultra* Look at that stupid Zoomer over there doing fortnite dances
by stillsxvc March 20, 2019
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Millenial: I'm never going to do anything of value. I have to cry now, I can't handle this I'm just trying to get by
Gen Z kid: I'm never gonna do anything of value! lol

Millennial: Kids should be taught openly about mental health it’s very important! Gen Z:*rides in on Segway* What the hap is fuckening my gays *grabs some tide pods* lol what if I ate these.
Baby Boomer: Peace man!!!! Generation X: Long live Cobain!!!! Generation Y/Millenial: Who needs Peace and Grunge when you have Lady Gaga!!! Generation Z: I wish I could buy an iPad, but I'm in debt!
by You're nothing December 29, 2019
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In the gaming world, this individual constantly states that games nowadays are not as difficult, good, challenging, or as exciting as games were when they were a kid. They downplay modern video games and brag about the "good old days" of their youth.

DOOMer is a play on the word Boomer with a DOOM (popular video game for retrogamers) emphasis.
Man, I'm really over watching XPLoot play CoD on stream, he's such a DOOMer.

DOOMer: Video games used to be more difficult when I was a kid!!
Anyone Else: Okay, DOOMer!!
by TheRealDax November 20, 2019
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Oh my god, Jackson is such a Doomer. He hates all the new games and insists that the retro games are so much better!
by blink-and-youll-miss December 09, 2019
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