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Name of a member of the dooger clan originally from Pittsburgh, PA.
What’s up Ted Dooger?

How’s it going chutDooger?
by UrbanDictionary6 September 21, 2017
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weird, fucked up, messed, also can mean wild, thrilling, or just cool
First Meaning: Thats fucking dooger man!

Second Meaning: That was the most dooger sex I have ever had!
by Dee November 04, 2004
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a good fellow who deserves a much better life than what he is given, being constantly teased but then rising up to have mad respect out of the unique characteristics he has from being teased as a child, a good, non annoying christian person who is fun for a laugh or so. there life sucks
yo dooger check this out
by crustynraunchy December 04, 2007
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A hot dog, particularly prepared at a summer cook out. Particularly tasty.
That cookout was awesome, and nothing beats fresh doogers on the grill.
by chimmy January 09, 2006
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If your trying to get over on the system by returning your close the day after you where it your pretty much A dooger.
Say someone leaves there foodstamps on the ground and someone picks it up only that preson was as rich as bill gates your dooger.were If you don't have no tissue and you use towl your dooger.
by francis james January 24, 2004
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