A scottish singer-songwriter. came to prevalence during the 1960s. Embodiement of the "Flower Child". First high profile marijuana bust in London.
"have you heard that song, Hurdy Gurdy Man"

"You mean the one by Donovan?"


"It kicks ass!"
by G.L. Smith September 01, 2008
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A guy who is obsessed with Female teachers and Joslin. He everyday will beat airplane if he see ppl he love.
Oh look you like Ms Quek, you are a Donovan.
by Thesunisgd February 07, 2020
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One ugly ass black kid that gets no bitches what so ever oh and is gay
Yo he just failed on trying to get that girl ctfu hes such a donovan
by Donovan haters October 15, 2019
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