A person that always cheats and never shows loyalty and plays around instead of being real and just be a hoe
Woah did that he acting a Donovan yea belong to the streets
by RileySaysUGae April 30, 2020
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Creepiest Boy you will ever meet. He sings into girls ears and harasses them. He is most likely to to Spread rumors and shoot up the schools. Literally the definition of a weeaboo and sits his computer jacking off to hentai and eats his emotions. If you are a female look out he’ll be sitting in your attic later. And beware he will harass you until you go to his birthday party.
Girl: why is he staring at me like that while eating sushi?
Girl 2: Oh that’s because he’s a Donovan, watch out he may be in your attic tonight
by Jesusistheone January 26, 2020
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Usually a tall boy, if you see anyone named this be careful, the people named this are usually gay.Donovan is a very annoying person, likes to act cool around his friends. He is usually described as an ugly troll. Most of the time Donovans’ have glasses. There apparel usually is the same basic outfit a hoodie and jeans. Just make sure you know when your around a Donovan they are most likely GAY so be nice
Oh wow look over there Donovan is kissing jack.
Hey Donovan how are you today.
Oh my god Donovan is so ugly.
by Jeffyjoe February 06, 2020
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a funky old man that likes to beat up children. usually a stupid homosexual white person that likes to rape children
Some guy tried to rape my 3 year old toddler. He must be a donovan.
by Analslurper March 12, 2019
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Gets hoes. Has a 12 inch dick. He will vick your bitch. He is great at sports. EVERYONE WANTS A DONOVAN
Look there’s a donovan I want him to fuck me so bad
by ILOVEDONOVAN April 30, 2018
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