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a Donkey-Kick is where someone puts both hands on the counter and then kicks with full force behind them resembling what a donkey kick looks like.
as a prank i told taylor to donkey-kick jason and it left jason blacked out on the floor.
by elyksnave July 19, 2011
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A donkey kick is pretty much kicking like a donkey. You kick backwards at whatever you're kicking. You can also do this with both feet to get more power into it. A donkey kick is specifically made for kicking people's doors to scare them. You can consider it the next thing up from Nicky Nicky Nine Doors. Be sure to always use the donkey kick on the hard wood door, or on a screen if you're really mad at someone.
I hate that old McCullagh lady, let's go donkey kick her door.
by Eric Ewing July 01, 2006
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During anal affairs, the male may try the donkey punch right before ejaculation, but often, the females counter attack may be to kick backwards, resulting in the male being knocked out.
I tried to donkey punch my girlfriend for the first time, but after failing to knock her out, she reacted by donkey kicking me.
by TheBoss1185 October 03, 2010
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The act of overdosing on painkillers and then getting your balls pounded in by another women's high-heels until a ball breaks or the testicular sack rips open. Also known as Snap, Crackle, Pop.
I headed to the hospital after my share of the Donkey Kick.
by SnapCracklePoop December 12, 2010
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Six goals scored by the same player in one match or game, also known as a double hattrick.
Wow, that was a nice donkey kick you had there Jimmy!
by Bobbyboy45 May 24, 2011
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A close relative of the donkey punch; equally as degrating. This can be accomplished by:

1. Mount the female from behind. Her rear end must be up and face flat on the bed (bonus points for dirt/concrete).

2. Though sodomy is prefered, place your penis in either hole.

3. Place your foot on her head and begin intercourse. (bonus points for foot in the mouth)
"After bringing Jen home from the bar, I was able to get her naked and on her knees. From there I had to make a decision: donkey punch or donkey kick."
by Stunna#1 November 22, 2003
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After a girl gets donkey punched, she can donkey kick the offender in the nads.
If a girl gets donkey punched she can then kick her leg back in order to hit the guy.
by The Irreverant Baron August 05, 2005
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