Those little white stinky rocks of funk that you cough-up from the back of your throat. Super-powered funk is released if they are mashed between your fingers.
Man, get a whiff of this funky-ass crackle I just coughed-up!
by fatphilly September 15, 2006
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An adjective describing the sound one hears when another individual occupies a nearby stall in a public restroom.
The worst part about the rest-stop was hearing the crackle next to me.
by rimjobasaurous October 8, 2010
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1-Rhyming slang for 'Piss', first invented in Carnaby Street
a-Fucking hell, that G&T went through me quick, I need a crackle and hiss!

b-Look after me bags, I need a quick crackle
by ModForIt January 24, 2005
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My little nickname for crack so when I tell my friends I'm about to smoke some they will all giggle and not poke fun so much at me for smokin crack.
"Hey guy's, I'm gonna step outside and finish off this crackle"

Geez D Wray your so crazy (Everyone giggles)
by D Wray December 10, 2003
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When a person watches tv shows that make them feel better about themselves
I just watched hoarders and realized my house is cleaner than I thought! Boy I love crackle!
by Rja65 November 10, 2019
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From Zergling. The weakest unit in the game Starcraft who has been fully upgraded with adrenal glands and metabolic boost. Becomes incredible fast moving and fast attacking, offsetting many weaknesses. Derived from the idea that the Zergling is "on crack".
In large enough numbers, a swarm of cracklings can easily destroy more powerful units such as Archons.
by xelius April 5, 2005
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Zerglings with Metabolic boost, Adrenal glands, at least +2 attack, and +1 armor. They do so much damage so fast, that if done properly, they are not defeatable.
Dear lord! Those cracklings killed my command center in less than two seconds!
by Epheras February 6, 2005
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