An idiot who ran for president as a joke and won. He also wants to build a big huge strong wall on the Mexican-Canadian border since the USA sank into the ocean.
I love Donald Trump - All KKK members.
by Kaki Sudom July 11, 2018
A fat bastard with shit ass hair who is racist.

Simple summary.
Donald Trump- wall?
Everyone- Racist BITCH
by BitchI’magenius November 26, 2018
The biggest fucking disgrace America has ever had to deal with
Life would be better if Donald Trump wasn't president
by Dubiks January 31, 2019
A person who doesnt have a brain or is obsessed with walls.
by FunnyDics October 26, 2019
America’s asshole. The place where all the shit comes from.
Donald Trump said something stupid again.
by MWChipotle February 17, 2018
A decaying orange with a yellow wig for hair that has ran for president. He has been given the power to annihilate civilisations because he doesn't know what to do with his powers because he was just picked off his tree and has a colony of worms inside him (and I'm not just talking about worms in his butt). He is racist to Chinese everything. He should just go and die in a goddamn hole where his ass is supposed to be.
Man: Huh... Something smells bad like it's gone off.

Man 2: It's Donald Trump's odour.
Man: Oh...
by TheBloodyLegend123 May 4, 2020