An orange headed cunt who is poisoning the minds of young Americans into believing that Mexicans are the source of most of our problems when in reality they're doing much less harm than we are to each other.
Donald Trump decided to spend billions of dollars building a wall, instead of using that money on improving the education system and homeless situation. What a fucking idiot
by Dubiks January 31, 2019
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He is a complete and total idiot, he made about a million promises that he cannot keep.
Donald Trump is an complete idiot!
by TwoHeadedGiant December 5, 2018
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Another word for a reptoid alien who came from their secret base inside the earth to take over America. He was supposed to destroy America because he didn't like them but then he was like, "Hey, I kind of like America." Then he looked at Russia and was like, "WOW HOT!!" Now the reptoid alien secretly has a crush on a space giraffe named Vladimir Putin.
My name is Donald Trump and I will make America great again.

I am a Donald Trump.
by NimbyNimbus June 2, 2017
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A dumbass who is only good for riding white senators cocks. He also loves drinking man milk and is a massive cunt.
Dumbass: "Donald Trump is the best thing to ever happen"
Educated Person: "Shut up and actually do your research you dumbass"
by offensivelord February 19, 2018
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America’s asshole. The place where all the shit comes from.
Donald Trump said something stupid again.
by MWChipotle February 17, 2018
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Orange, yikes, dorito, a president, wearing a wig, tyrant
I'm eating a Donald trump.
You mean an orange?
No this one is wearing a weave so it has to be a Donald Trump
by sastei05 April 3, 2019
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A son of a bitch who is saying that George Floyd is smiling because it's a great day in terms of racism, but really, it's not. He's a racist orangutan who most Americans don't want as their representative.
Person: Did you hear what Donald trump said about George Floyd?
Other person: I don't wanna hear it. He's wrong either way.
by R a n d o m P e r s o n June 8, 2020
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