Not Trump.

Take a look at what Trump has done, bitches:
1. Lowest unemployment rate ever recorded in the history of the United States for blacks, Asians and Hispanics.
2. Lowest unemployment rate in the last 6.5 decades for women.
3. Lowest unemployment rate in the last 5 decades for Americans.
4. The highest average household income ever recorded in the history of the United States.
5. Created seven million jobs (including 500,000 manufacturing jobs and 620,000 construction jobs).
6. Gave $2,500,000,000,000 to the US military

7. Made animal cruelty a federal crime.
8. Cut taxes.
9. Cut regulations.
10. Fought child sex trafficking by signing executive orders.
11. The only President is the last 4 decades who hasn't started a war.
12. Ended the anti-American NAFTA economic deal and replaced it with USMCA.
13. Increased funding for historically black colleges to an all-time high.
14. Made peace with North Korea.
15. Closed the ISIS war and killed its main leader, Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi.
16. Killed one of the most anti-American terrorists in the world, Qasem Soleimani.
17. Negotiated the UAE-Israel peace deal.
18. Negotiated the Bahrein-Israel peace deal.
19. Negotiated the Kosovo-Serbia economic peace deal.
20. Negotiated the Sudan-Israel peace deal.
21. Created the "United States Space Force" (a military branch of the US Armed Forces).
22. Fought against CCP's unfair international trade tactics by putting embargos on China.
Dumbass: "Trump is the worst President ever."
Everyone else: Sure, dumbass.
by TRUMP - BEST POTUS SINCE 1989 December 21, 2020
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How am I supposed to use worst president in a sentence and not expect to get dislikes?
by V0RTEX777 September 30, 2019
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It Rhymes with Mush, and you don't like it on women.

Oh, and..
The Canadian guy above me is a complete retard and needs to re-read his "history book". I'm a 9th grader in America, and just finished reading about the Civil War. Aberham Lincoln was in office when the Civil War began dumbass. And the Civil War wasn't something that killed thousands of Americans for no purpose, dumbass. It was to free, slaves and to re-unite the united states, dumbass. So before you start running your mouth, maybe you should re-read some of your books, a?
Worst President Ever
Iraq War
Economy...Need I Say More?
by Yeah...your retarted September 20, 2009
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From Paul Krugman's opinion piece in NYTimes, 8/18/17

Even before the media obsession with Hillary Clinton’s email server put The Worst President Ever™ in the White House, historians were comparing Donald Trump to Caligula, the cruel, depraved Roman emperor who delighted in humiliating others, especially members of the empire’s elite.
by seil40 August 18, 2017
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James Buchanan (1857-1861) Democrat

This comlete imbecile failed, and made no determined effort, to prevent the bloodiest conflict in American history, the Civil War.

The guy above me claiming George W. Bush is the worst president ever should go read a book on American history.

What's worse? 2000 killed fighting insurgents in Iraq. Or over half a million Americans killed IN AMERICA fighting EACH OTHER.

He didn't seek re-election in 1861 because he didn't want to take responsibilty for the world of shit that he knew was coming.

His successor in 1861 was, perhaps, the greatest president ever. Abraham Lincoln.

If Buchanan hadn't been a complete jackass, maybe 970,000 Americans wouldn't have been killed or wounded from 1861-1865.

Runners up:
Andrew Johnson (1865-1869) Democrat/Republican
Herbert Hoover (1929-1933) Republican

This defintion is coming from a Canadian author, someone who has every reason to take shots at George Bush. But instead I give you unbiased analysis on who was probably your country's worst chief executive.
When Lincoln became President, Buchanan said: "If you are as happy entering the presidency as I am in leaving it, then you are truly a happy man."

This example of his idiocity proves that he truly is the worst president ever.
by Stan21 May 25, 2006
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