Donald Ducking is for a guy to walk around naked with a boner wearing only a T-shirt.
One of the cadets in my pod likes to walk around Donald Ducking!
by eda-skip October 07, 2021
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To walk around wearing only a shirt, in the style made famous by the Disney character of the same name.
My hot neighbor spends a lot of time Donald Ducking in the windows of her apartment while talking on the phone.
by Irate September 21, 2007
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The action of sucking a large penis so forcefully that an involunary sound emerges from the throat reminiscent of a quacking duck
Damn bro, check out Jenna Jameson donald ducking that monster cock. If you weren't looking at the screen you would think the Disney Channel was on!
by Aaron Lightner November 20, 2010
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Eating out and motorboating a girl in the voice of Donald Duck, it is the most impossible known way to make a girl cum, when a guy does this he is instantly called "Daddy" and is inducted into the pussy eating hall of fame.
"Hey man I ate out your mom last night?"
"Yeah, I was totally Donald Ducking that pussy."
"My nigga."
by CALLMEDADDY69 January 12, 2014
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Mary, dressed as Jaffar, provided oral sex to Jim, who wore a Aladdin costume. Later on, he asked her to rub his magic lamp, but she refused as they had long finished Donald Ducking.
by LTrainman March 04, 2007
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When two people, who are wearing tops but no bottoms 69 and motorboat each other's genitals, whilst making Donald Duck sounds.
All the cool kids are Donald Ducking, quack quack.
by Pwndora February 16, 2019
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