A term for reserving a seat.
Me: Quack Quack Seat Back.
You: Well, you can't reserve seats here.
Me: Well, shit in my purse!
by Timmy Sanders March 6, 2006
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Expression used when referring to someone that is a duck. Simulates the sound that the animal known as a duck makes. Appropiate when out in public and you see a duck but don't want to risk someone noticing the fact that you are insulting them. Orgin is the show Growing up Gotti, where there is the biggest example of a duck, a gentleman whose actual name is quack quack.
"You cried during the movie??? Quack Quack, I knew you were a bitch."
by Gregory G. October 16, 2005
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Chicken heads who speak ebonics and dont know that chickens go Cluck not quack.
Bob: "Susie, you're SUCH a chickenhead."
Susan: "Fine, then I'll BE a chickenhead. Quack! Quack! Quack!"
Bob: "...That's a duck, Susie."
by imyourpusher May 13, 2005
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When your dumbass boss or someone in authority tries to tell you what to do or Someone who talks too much.
I went to the bosses office and you know how that went "quack quack quack"!
by John Hopper November 19, 2004
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(verb) the act of whole-handedly fingering a girl using the "talking hand" motion and casually saying Quack Quack throughout.
I made her cum by Quack-Quack.
by SHCWCDM133037 May 20, 2017
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