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Another way of saying don't blame me; this is how the system works.
Don't hate the player hate the game ... Or society made me do it, or the system is flawed and I've figured out how to work it, or everyone else is cheating too, or I hope I don't go to prison.
by halmonkey May 02, 2013
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If someone (the player) is good at something (the game), don't hate them for it, hate the thing they are good at, because you arent good at or even in the game.

The word player used in this sentence can be confused with the sexual definition of a player.
Person beaten in basketball: "get the fuck out of here with that bullshit"

Winner: "don't hate the player hate the game"
by The Mother Fuckin' King November 02, 2016
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First of all the other definitions of this are pretty much bullshit. Women can just as much have sex with lots of guys by using the same phrase. First thing you do if you have problems in relationship: Talk about and search for the mistake in you first, not at your partner...
No politician ever used this sentence to justify war.

This simply means you shouldn´t focus your hate on the guy who did something but rather on the system that gave him the opportunity to do so. Guy gets lots of money by being a ruthless banker? Stop trying to change or hate him. You should rather try to change the system that is giving him the chance to do so.
A: Holy shit dude, how can you be such a terrible person?

B: Dont hate the player hate the game.
by TheGoodMilk February 02, 2015
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Same as people causing wars for religious purposes a.k.a getting justification for doing one's own ideals and mostly wrong thigs.
Why did you kill him?
Don't hate the player hate the game
by jakesters October 15, 2010
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What I, or some of us say when a your sweetness found out thinks aren't so sweet..
Girl: What the f!ck are you messing around with that five dollar tittie girl

Me: He honey listen,

don't hate the player hate the game

Me: Opens door, giving the same kiss she will never forget, and say "Call you beautifull"

Me: Driving off with 220 Km/h, Music play's in the background " It's Seven O'Clock on the DOT, i'm in my Audi TT cruisin' the street" Calling the other one on THE list, the holy of holy's :

My phone!
by D-TT February 22, 2007
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Because its hard to believe that you shouldnt hate a player for being a player when it says dont hate the player hate the game; how exactly are you supposed to hate objectifying women for your own profit?

This has nothing to do with 'players' or 'player hating' and 'dont hate the player' is NOT a reasonable excuse to sleep around with more women than you need.

This phrase has a very specific meaning that relinquishes the actual player of wrong doing not because they're doing it to survive because that is just the way 'the game' is played.

What is 'the game'; the game is us. People. Playing each other every day all day long and thats just the way it is.

I think what makes a guy carrying on relationships with different women as being seen by some as excessive, ridiculous and rude but some guys find that when they are with a woman she is distant and uninterested, bossy but if they're into another woman its another story about what's 'expected' of them when all they want is just to -be- ...on the side of men and women, we've both done alot of damage to either side.

( Women were never meant to be a playground for conquering and pleasure but they're own person, next to the man as we need them both to procreate but America should have said yes to gay marriage no questions asked. Problem is churches giving large donations to government institutions enough to actually threaten to pull funding if they don't get their way.)
Two guys are playing poker and Guy A has Two Pair and Guy B has nothing with a straight on the river potentially between them.
Guy A Bets. Two pair is a good hand.
Guy B bets. Has nothing. (Bluff)
Guy A bets again just to check.
Guy B raises.

Guy A Folds.
Guy B doesn't have to show his hand. In fact Guy A can ask but Guy B doesnt' have to say at all. But lets say Guy A asks Guy B what his hand was and finds out he bluffed. Lets say Guy B's never played poker before and never met someone that had LIED to him before and thought that since they were buds they would play fair.

This is a situations where he could say don't hate the player hate the game. Because the end that's just the way the game is played.

However, it was the player that took it on themselves to play the game that way as opposed to playing fairly with friends but the end result is that's just the way the game is played. The player is basically taking advantage of the rules however that kind of play is not for everyone. Therefore, hate the game, for having rules that allow those chinks, and not the player.

This example extends to the real world in tiny and small ways. Its anything that is perfectly legimitate deemed as legitimate between a group of people that a smaller group of people can not handle but a certain group can. It doesnt have to mean that something illegal is being done. Whats seen as meant by 'player' but that 'player' could be any of us.
by TheOneandOnlyAlliyah July 29, 2014
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