the self-proclaimed epitomy of the american dream. small time bookie in cleveland in the 1960s who killed two men in bar fights over gambling debts. later became a boxing promoter who ripped off all his clients. known for his ridiculous hair and playing the race card any chance he gets.
Don King will rob you blind if he promotes your fight.
by Hong King Kong December 11, 2007
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Speaking nonsensical gibberish that means nothing in any language except those of brain-dead cretins.
After speaking with Senator Warren, I had to look up what she said in the Don King Dictionumary.
by Dragonwolf December 13, 2018
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During sex, the act of having the male ejaculate onto the female's pubic hairs and then use his right hand to spike them up, the conclusion to this stunt usually involves the male carrying the female around on his shoulders giving the illusion of him as Don King.
"Dude me and Heather went out last night and had dinner, and then when we got home we sat by the fire and I gave her a Don King"
by hinkdogger September 7, 2006
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A Don King occurs when the ash buildup on a blunt grows tall. It resembles the hairstyle of boxing promoter Don King. The ash is black at the bottom and fades to gray at the tip. A Don King lets you know when you really need to ash the blunt.
Yo that blunt is starting to Don King, you better ash it!
by dubK July 2, 2007
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To instigate a fight between two people, usually for fun or profit.
Man, I can't believe he got Alex Jones and Alex Trebeck to fight. He Don Kinged the shit out of that situation!
by J-U-D November 25, 2010
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While your jerking a guy off keep the cum in your hand and than have him go down on you and when hes down put the cum in his hair and rub his head so when he is done he ends up looking like Don King
when im done with him im gonna make his ass look like Don King
by The 88 July 6, 2008
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To pack and stack a bong load, or bowl so high it resembles Don King's hairdo.
by Ricky D. December 10, 2007
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