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A group of small islets in the East Sea. Although claimed by both Korea and Japan the Dokdo islets are currently administered by the Republic of Korea. By the way, I am neither Korean nor Japanese and am thus free from bias.
by CrosswordPuzzle October 28, 2011
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Rightfully a part of Corea, contrary to what fuckfaced retards like marissa919 and dudeinwales think.
dokdo is Korean, not Japanese, tards.
by antichinipa644 October 07, 2011
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A set of small islands east of Ullungdo in East Sea, Republic of Korea. Historically a territory of Korea, but since 1905, after the colonization of Korea by Japan, the Japanese try to take the island as a part of their territory illegally.

It`s real name is Dokdo. Some people call it Takesima which is wrong.
Dok-do is in East Sea of Korea.
Dok-do is Korean territory.
by A patriotic Korean guy December 30, 2013
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An island of Korean territory. Japanese government keep claiming that it belongs to Japan(They call Dokdo Takeshima). But only Koreans have been living and guarding there so far. It's so visible that Japan only claims that Dokdo belongs to them just because they have found out a lot of natural resources buried under the island. Even Japanese maps which are centuries of years old indicate that Dokdo belongs to Korea.
Dokdo is definitely Korea's territory. There's no other way round.
by smjo July 28, 2008
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Dokdo is a small island located in the East Sea of Republic of Korea.
Some crazy Japanese call this island a Takeshima with the hope of stealing Dokdo from Korea.
Japanese people who have common sense are wondering why some Japanese goverment officials keep on trying to steal Dokdo from Korea.
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(n), (u)
a incurable brain disease that affects dogs, and that you can catch if you eat an infected dog
Roh has been suffering from Dokdo that has entered his brain and turned him into a hopeless imbecile.
by Shineya Chong November 07, 2005
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A small island far off the east coast of Korea. It was made into Japanese territory during the Japanese colonization and occupation of Korea in the 1900s.

Nowadays, there are heated discussions on whose land it is between the two countries. Because this is a dictionary, I won't give my direct opinion, but I am aware that Japan has made a ridiculous attempt at displaying their ownership over the island by making a "Taekeshima" day in their own country. Taekeshima is the Japanese word for Dokdo. Wow, it must be exciting. A day where Japanese people eat sushi while enjoying their so called "ownership" over another country's land. Also, another thing that I find untrustworthy of Japan is that they still haven't made official apologies for slaughtering people in China, Korea and other asian countries several decades ago. Splendid. Not to mention that all the other definitions of Dokdo in here are obviously made by brainwashed Japanese kids. This is perfectly credible information because it's an international truth that Japan conveniently meddled with significant Asian history in their textbooks so that they don't really look like war criminals.
Japan is so cute with their little Taekeshima day. Tee Hee Hee. But the right term is DOKDO, because it was made first.
by soesoe May 19, 2006
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