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n. Sea between Korea and Japan and another name for Sea of Japan preferred by South Korea.
The fact that Sea of Japan is preferred by many countries doesn't mean that it can't be a misnomer.
The sea was known as "Sea of Korea/Corea/Joseon" or "East/Oriental Sea" until Japan's militant expansionism. Also, East Sea has been used for 2,000 years while Sea of Japan has been used for only 200 years.
And even if the sea was called "Sea of Korea/Japan" at certain times, Korea is only trying to keep it neutral and return it to the way it was before they lost their voice (due to imperialist Japan) by calling it "East Sea."

Who's distorting geography now?
Clearly most of the people who posted the defs for East Sea are ignorant rednecks or potheads. Some people here really need to go back to high school... or maybe even kindergarten.
Some might argue that even "East Sea" is not neutral enough since the sea is east of Korea. But take Black Sea or Red Sea for example. They're not really that black or red, are they? But "Sea of Japan" clearly favors Japan, and same thing goes for "Sea of Korea."
by Kenny McCor July 08, 2006
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The sea on the east coast of Korea. So on a map it would be the stretch of water that is on the left on Korea.

The Sea of Japan and the East Sea are simply two different names for the same territory of water.

The other definitions of the East Sea were clearly made by under-educated and brainwashed Japanese kids, therefore being extremely biased and incredibly ignorant. I am truly sympathetic that Japanese kids do not have a chance to learn that their country is guilty of changing history in their textbooks so that their country can mess with geography and history. This is not a biased suspicion or presumption. It's as true as the fact that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor during World War II. If you don't believe me, look it up.
Korean Kid(while chilling and hanging out with beautiful Korean women): It's so funny seeing Japanese kids get all excited over a sea they don't know dick about. I'm sure Korea and Japan can come to an agreement that satisfies both countries.

Japanese Kid(while watching really shitty anime, eating week old sushi and paying slutty Japanese women to sit next to him): NO!! NO!! Sea of Japan!! Not East Sea!!
I'm brainwashed..Me stupid!yah yah!!
by soesoe May 31, 2006
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a fake website in South Korea, which is designed to look like legitimate Red Cross appeals for donations to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.
East Sea is a Katrina Internet charity scam which trys to dupe contributors!
The Red Cross never sends out e-mail solicitations.
by Abajian September 08, 2005
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Retarded attempt by koreans to distort geography.
see sea of japan.
East Sea does not exist.
by KRHimself April 07, 2004
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1) a dog meat soup and steak restaurant chain in Korea
2) a brothel district in Seoul
3) a medial jargon for plastic surgery
1) East Sea gives you the shits!
2) Hey, you wanna go to East Sea?
3) Psst…, (the South Korea’s President) Roh Moo-hyun underwent double eyelid East Sea in which small parts of both of his upper eyelids were removed and folded to give him better appearance in 2004 and is undergoing square jaw East Sea soon. He’s really East Sea mania!
by Adamo-chan August 23, 2005
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