Someone who gets stuff done. Obviously.
A: We need to get these documents edited, proofed, printed, and mailed by next week!
B: Call Joe. He's a doer.
by Pollyflopadopolous June 13, 2010
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A doer is a person who has a seemingly impossible idea and persists until the idea is fully actualized. Doers cannot help but make others around them feel woefully incapable and lacking of the amazing creativity of said doer. Often non-doers live vicariously through doers. Being 'hunka-ed' is what happens when a doer hatches and actualizes an impossible plan.
I know this doer that moved to Europe with nothing and started an amazing career as a food critic. She really hunka-ed that idea.
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Used By Canadians, especially in the area of Niagara, to describe a smoking apparatus used for smoking pot. And yes, it is as Retarded as it sounds.
I got some weed man, who has a Doer?
by dosmildolares October 25, 2006
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A doer is somebody that you would have sex with.

Background: People used to commonly refer to the sex act as "doing it." Then they'd say things like, "I did her," "I'm gonna do him tonight," Etc. Hence someone that you would or could do, is a doer.
She ain't a ten, but she's definately a doer
by Bill G March 28, 2005
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Contrary to common belief the doering is not a ringing of a doe nor a piercing of a female deer. A doering is a strange and awkward hiccup that resonates for miles. It tends to be repeated multiple times within a few seconds. It has been known to cause catastrophic damages to ear drums, VW's and buildings. If at anytime you believe a doering is occurring, take cover and don safety equipment (eg hearing protection).
Jason: what is that awful sound?
Lauren: Oh it's that odd blonde girl doering again.
Jason: my gosh, its strange and loud.
by ohbeejuanjayobee April 29, 2016
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grammatically awkward reference to a gang of putative bad actors
"we will rid the world of the evil doers"

rush limbaugh's maid is an evil doer to cause him to become addicted to prescription pain killers

anyone who disagrees with glenn beck is an evil doer
by lexicali slim September 20, 2009
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George Bushs word for people who do bad things.
Those damn evil doers did it again.
by Garrett March 26, 2003
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